G100 portugal,cascais MEETINGS, 19-22 may 2022 

The G100 Portugal meetings opened our minds and hearts to our greater possibilities in solidarity and synergies. It was a most empowering event, made ever more beautiful with the convergence of so many wings that joined in, making us all feel loved, empowered and unstoppable. 

A creative confluence of leaders, thinkers, doers, change makers, influencers, decision makers, from across five continents, this magnum opus     networking event made us feel bigger, better and bolder toward taking the leaps of faith we need and forging a future we seek; all with the signature vibe and tribe of sisterhood that’s so integral to our inspiration as a collective community from across countries and cultures. 

 Convenors: We extend our utmost gratitude and deepest appreciation to Convenors of the meetings, Mar Introini, G100 Global Chair – Global Networking, and Linda Pereira, G100 Global Chair – Communication & Advocacy. With their empowering sisterhood and partnership, they created a new benchmark of excellence and engagement for us all. 

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