Mwape B. Chipala

Mwape B. Chipala, Director, Planning and Information Ministry of Energy, Zambia. Mwape B. Chipala is a policy professional with expertise in public administration services and governance. In his current role as Director of Planning and Information at the Ministry of Energy in Zambia, he is engaged in policy making and reviewing legislations for improved decision making and guidance in program implementation for developing energy sector plans that provide a framework for socio-economic development. Previously, as Assistant Director, Planning and Principal Planner for Policy and Budgeting at the Ministry of Energy, he managed energy sector advisory groups, supporting research and policy making. As Executive Assistant to the Minister of Energy, he multitasked in collaboration with other appointed positions, maintained liaisons, facilitated policy-oriented energy research. Mwape B. Chipala holds a Master of Science in Project Management (Major in Project Planning & Finance) from Lusaka University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Majored in Business Administration & Economics) from Daystar University. He is fluent in English, Swahili, Bemba, and Nyanja.