Marijela Margeta-Hašimbegović

Marijela Margeta-Hašimbegović     

She is an accomplished leader in cultural management, performing arts & politics, she is first woman Director of National Theatre of Sarajevo in 100 years of its existence. With an architecture degree and extensive set designing experience, she’s credited for bringing audiences back to the theatre.

With an indomitable will matched by a graceful essence, she says in an interview, “I consciously ‘entered the fire,’ I knew what to expect, but I also knew that nothing could defeat hard work, love and sacrifice.’ Since 1993, she began working in Theatre and film for sets and costume design. Artistic works during Siege of Sarajevo were a tool to survive, showing human power with hope and enthusiasm, using words, images, symbols, culture, theatre.

Actively leading in the cultural spaces, she has been involved for over two decades in the organization of various important cultural events in the region, including the Sarajevo International Winter Festival and festival Mess. Between 2000 and 2021, she serves as the Technical Director of the National Theatre of Sarajevo. In the meantime also became the Director of the National Theatre and made history as its first female Director.
Ever ready to push her boundaries and explore new aspects of leadership, she is now also a political leader as City Councilor of Sarajevo.

A much renowned figure, she was awarded as ‘Best manager of the year in the field of Culture 2017’, by the Directorate for selection of the best manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina, South East and Central Europe; Award ‘Ladies in the field of Culture 2017 ‘; Award Ladies in, ‘Woman of the Year 2017’. Her formula for a happy life includes, “Love and respect yourself and others around you, be gentle towards yourself and others, each given emotion will be reciprocated a hundredfold. Live your life honourably, that might be the hardest path, but it is the only one that pays off.

Live each day to the fullest and believe that there is a place under the sun for every creature on the planet.” A dear Soul Sister who leads and inspires with elegance, eloquence, energy and aplomb.