Marco Antonio Vargas Munoz,

Marco Antonio Vargas Muñoz, Bayer Commercial Lead Consumer Health Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, Bolivia. Marco is a strategic planning, team building and talent development lover. Currently, he works at Bayer as Commercial Lead of Consumer Health for Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Born in Sucre – Bolivia, Marco began his career at Laboratorios Bagó de Bolivia S.A. Since then, he has held various positions in multinational companies such as PepsiCo (Franchisor), AbInveb and Bayer, getting to know various markets in South America.

Also, he was an undergraduate and postgraduate professor at prestigious universities in the country. Believing that academic training plays an important role in people development, he obtained his degree in Commercial Engineering, Masters in Marketing and Business Administration and Diplomas in Higher Education, Digital Marketing. In addition to several specialization courses in business and leadership. 

From that place where you seem invisible, your actions can generate transcendental impact. In this way, after several years working with teams, he found his passion for supporting the transformation of talents, promoting gender equity and helping others to develop their skills by looking to the future so they can be the makers of their dreams, desires and achievements. Likewise, Marco’s focus is to work in organizations that have a social impact.