Pledge. Push. Partner. Progress: Greater women’s participation everywhere 

G100 – Malaysia Meetings, Kuala Lumpur, 3-6 July 2022

One of the main drivers of progress on parity is the proactive participation of women in all levels of policy making, decision making and leadership in economy and society.  

When participation falls, progress slacks. 

Participation is empowered by various outreach, inclusion, education, motivation and mentoring mechanisms for promoting enterprise, employment and developing leadership overall. 

Collective participation is enhanced by collective goals. A pledge, a purpose ignites and channels the power of the collective to act in synergy and solidarity to push the actions forward toward change and transformation. 

We learned that in Malaysia the JPW, an agency under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, follows a 4K Model of Women Empowerment, which serves as a guide in setting goals and directions and offers a framework for the implementation of programs on the ground. It covers the 4 domains of Life Balance, Financial Empowerment, Life Skills, Equality and Self Leadership. 

We learned about the Malaysia Gender Gap Index (MGGI) tracks the gap between women and men. It does so across four domains viz. Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment, and wherein the full score would be 1.0 (100%) indicating that gender equality has been achieved.

In it’s recent report, achievement of women had surpassed men in Education domain (score beyond 1.0), and it was encouraging in the Health domain (nearly same). However, the gender gap needed to cover ground in the Economic Participation sector especially in top leadership and board positions, and even more so in the Political empowerment domain that showed the highest gap with the lowest score of 0.100), indicating a dire need for more women in positions of political power and government. 

Women in top leadership are deeply committed to the continuing efforts to close the gender gap. The Prime Minister’s office has set up a Women’s Leadership Foundation with leading women to address the challenge with strategic interventions and targets based approach. Women’s groups also coalesce across the rich plural fabric of Malaysia for networking and support.  

It was very encouraging to see a targets-based approach to actions for empowerment and constantly check progress and chart next steps. Across various sectors, the targets are being set to securing at least 30% participation of women and beyond. 

We extend our utmost gratitude to to our sisters in Malaysia for arranging the meetings and generously empowering our next steps 

Convenors: Coco Wong, Global Chair, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Education, and Datin Hartini Osman, Global Chair, Philanthropy, Business & Poverty Eradication, along with Aznie Rahim, Malaysia Country Chair, Climate Action & Environment wing, and Jacqueline Francis, Malaysia Country Chair, Arts Leadership 

Participating Delegates 

G100 Secretariat Global Team

1. Dr. Harbeen Arora – Founder & President, G100 Club 

2. Vinay Rai – Founder & President, G100 Denim Club 

G100 Global Chairs 

1. Chantal Yelu Mulop, Global Chair – Human Rights

2. Coco Wong, Global Chair, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Education

3. Datin Hartini Osman, Global Chair, Philanthropy, Business & Poverty Eradication

Along with Country Chairs and Community Members 


3rd July 


Welcome G100 Afternoon Tea


Hosted by Jacqueline Francis, Malaysia Country Chair, Arts Leadership 

4 July 2022 


Dato’ Prof. Dr. Husaini Omar 

Director General, Department of Higher Education. Ministry of Higher Education  

 Dato’ Sharil Abdullah 

Director, Industry and community Collaboration. Department of Higher Education 

Dr. Zurina Abdul Hamid, Director General

Department of Women’s Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

5th July 


G100 Inaugural Meeting – Malaysia

Skyhill, Avante Hotel 

100 participants 


1. YB Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin, Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Malaysia. 

2. Dr Harbeen Arora Rai, Founder and President of G100 Club

3. Surina Sukri, former CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

4. Valentina Wong, 13 years old award winning young entrepreneur, CEO and co-Founder of CEO Kids International

6:30pm to 10pm 

Dinner Meeting 

Hosted by :

Datin Hartini Osman

Prihatin Group of Companies


6th July 

9am : Meeting with Member of Parliament, Nurul Izzah Anwar