Macdonald Ndovi

On behalf of Ruth B. Ncube, G100 Global Chair- Insurance, welcoming for this wing G100 Denim Club partner & inspiring leader, Macdonald Ndovi, Business Development Executive,CloudSuite (Pty) Ltd,  Zimbabwe. Macdonald is the Business Development Director of 5Brands Consulting Group and 360 Degrees Advertising Agency.

“Macdonald loves switching on light bulbs within organisations and people – facilitating new possibilities of business transformation.” His passion is all about business transformation through marketing and business development. Over 18 years of progressive hands-on wealth of transferable skills gained spanning across diverse economic sectors.

He has helped organisations in providing integrated business and marketing solutions to diverse clients globally, including high valued individual and fast-growing organizations. Greater success through closing significant deals. Possesses a commitment to delivering customer service excellence through delivering complex projects within demanding time and the ability to reduce costs.