Kees Kruythoff

Kees Kruythoff is a global entrepreneur and public leader who lived and worked in Europe, South Africa, China, Brazil, and the USA. With a robust FMCG experience as well as a demonstrated passion for private sector as a force for good, he has been recognized as one of the 10 most prominent business leaders in Brazil in sustainability.

After 27 years of Unilever of which 8 years in the Global Executive Team, Kees now serves as Chairman & CEO for the LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE, a global plant-based food company. Additionally, Kees is Co-Founder and Partner of IMAGINE, a for benefit business and foundation. He also serves on several boards, as Chairman of Enactus, MrGreenAfrica, and board member of Distell and RCL Foods.

The world has witnessed a meteoric rise in global demand for plant-based protein as people understand the toll an animal-based food system takes on the planetary health, human health and animal wellbeing.

Current events like Covid-19, will further accelerate this adoption. The LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE brings true scale to the plant-based protein industry across the entire production, delivery and marketing value chain. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Collective as this force for good marries both my love and expertise of the CPG sector, with my personal passions for environmental and social impact.

As a next generation global leader I wish to channel my unique experience and limitless energy towards making a meaningful impact on the future of the world at large, of Africa in particular and of my 6 girls, using business as a force for good. Living life to the fullest ….. ‘Forever 21’ From success to significance!