Jain Joseph

Jain Joseph has a broad spectrum of purposeful activities ranging from Films to Film school and further to Design and Show Direction for Historical Concept Museums and theme rides in Amusement Theme Parks like Wonderla Bangalore. As Cinematographer / Filmmaker and Script writer he has several mainstream feature films, national and international documentaries to his credit.

His passion is about mining into the deeper layers of human creativity, thoughts and words to discover the causative elements of Human Evolution. This inherent capability has helped him to inspire and evolve tens of thousands of creative minds through various communication designs in last 30 years of his creative career . His residential workshops named TALENT WAKE-SHOPS and the film school named NEO FILM SCHOOL are highly successful and sustainable creative educational models established in 2010. 

Jain Joseph, is a professional cinematographer groomed by the prestigious ‘Pune Film Institute’ (FTII). and also an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad making him strong in Art, Technology and Management. His experience in MNCs like M/s. Pfizer and E Merck along with a vast experience in marketing and Advertising Industry makes him a consultant strategist in BRANDING too, which is also a mind game, where one places a product/ professional in active layers target audience’ mind..

Every Concept Museums he designs is an answer for his incessant search for the NEW. He incorporates most innovative technology in areas of Audio, Visual and Kinesthetics to tell the story. It ensures an engaging and entertaining experience to the audience and enables them to understand the underlying concept with ease. AMUSEUMS as he call it is a novel experience of learning spiritual, historic and scientific concepts through amusing museums.

JJ believes in blending duals to create value… he creates methods to converge creative chaos, confusion and madness (essential ingredients for a creation) into harmonious and meaningful compositions with sensory appeal of beauty. These designs tell stories to touch the hearts of the audience, whether in his Films, Film Schools, Wake-shops, Concept Museums or Branding Ideas.