ELLEGOSSSE 100 Recommendations: Sustainable Recovery & Resilience with Global Partnerships and Multilateral Leadership  

India Meetings, New Delhi, 27-31 December 2022 along with Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) 

It was a blessed moment to call upon Hon’ble President of India, H.E. Droupadi Murmu, President of India, presenting the vision and work of G100 and ELLEGOSSSE: 100 recommendations launched in the G20 India Presidency, a week before the meetings. 

Aligned with the Annual Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2022 conference, the G100 meetings addressed the theme: Bridge the Gap: Agenda for G20. The G20 theme in India Presidency is a beautiful all-inclusive one: One Earth, One Family, One Future, inspired by the ancient adage of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam,’ referring to the Vedic wisdom of seeing the world as One universal family. 

The event was inaugurated by Honb’le Minister, Shri Arjun Munda, Minister of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. In presence and sharing were G100 Global Chairs, Denim Club Partners, Advisory Council Members, Industry Leaders, and our community. 

We were also honored to have a fireside chat with Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, Government of India. 

We were pleased to present 100 recommendations for leaders worldwide, based on the G100 ELLEGOSSSE framework, evolved thus far. The acronym is made up of two French words, ELLE which refers to woman, and GOSSSE (or GOSSES) that refers colloquially to children. Indeed our inclusive future and sustainable recovery is through a culture of nurture where women and children can thrive; respecting and valuing women’s creativity and caretaking in every aspect of our lives and leadership, with equality and dignity. 

G100 – ELLEGOSSSE : 100 Recommendations emerged as the Universal Principles & Practices, for Gender Equality & Empowerment, toward Peace, Parity and Prosperity of ALL. ELLEGOSSSE encapsulates 10 common themes viz: Education, Legislation, Leadership, Empowerment, Governance, Ownership, Security, Sustainability, Solidarity, Equality. The full set of 100 recommendations, structured as 10 suggestions under each of the 10 principles is here: https://www.g100.in/ELLEGOSSSE-Brochure.pdf

At this gala gathering and annual meeting of five days with over 1000 plenaries and panels, our global communities from our five sister platforms came together in full expression of strength and solidarity; just as five fingers of the hand working together in harmony and symphony. 

In order of their creation since 2011, ALL Ladies League (ALL) has been a global sisterhood movement in She-for-She spirit uniting women as “sisters beyond borders”; Women Economic Forum (WEF) serves as the conference platform for women’s greater visibility, voice, recognition and networking for pursuing “business beyond borders”; WICCI is the women’s industry chamber for advocating “policies beyond borders”; SHEconomy is a global e-commerce platform and app for goods and services by women entrepreneurs for strengthening “commerce beyond borders”; and G100 is a global platform for our joint action globally empowering “gender equality beyond borders.” 

All platforms continue to ensure women’s advancement in all walks of life with an integrated vision and inclusive values. With a powerful network of 500,000 women across 150 countries, and engaging the support of men through the Denim Club, these empowering ecosystems are among the largest global communities of women in all their rich diversities, with free outreach and support.

From the inaugural plenary on 27th December to the closing valedictory on 31st December, followed by a joyous heralding of the New Year on it’s eve, the five days enriched us all ever more with new ideas and inspirations, renewed strength of community and celebration, with a lasting realisation: we can achieve anything we commit to. Together we can. 

Convenor & Navigator: G100 Secretariat Global Team led by Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai, Founder & President, G100 Club, supported by the G100 Denim Club 

Global Chairs & Denim Club Partners 
Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati, Global Chair, Healing Circles 
H.E. Violeta Bulc, Global Chair, Ecocivilisation 
H.E. Dr. Francesca Chisangano-Zyambo, Global Chair, Public Policy
Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen, Global Chair, Corporate Governance 
Bodil Valero, Global Chair, Security & Defence
Krishna Pujara, Global Chair, Anti-Gender Based Violence
Beena Unnikrishnan, Global Chair, Arts Leadership
Dr. Aurora Martin, Global Chair, Inter-Cultural Dialogue
Farzanah Chowdhury, Global Chair, Healthcare & Wellness
Datini Hartini Osman, Global Chair, Philanthropy, Business & Poverty Eradication
Dr. Gordana Nikolic, Global Chair, Higher Education
Lakshmy Shankar, Global Chair, Business Networking
Kanika Hasrat, Global Chair, Hospitality & Tourism
Anat Bernstein-Reich, Global Chair, Finance & Funding
Diah Yusuf, Global Chair, Business Accelerator 
Anja Carron, Global Chair, Circular Economy
Coco Wong, Global Chair, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Education
Ruth B. Ncube, Global Chair, Insurance & Risk
Meenakshi Dabral, Global Chair, Alliances & Alumni
Amor Maclang , Global Chair, Digital Economy & Literacy
Tove Lovisa Bergkvist, Global Chair, Money Mindset & Wealth Creation
Dr. Nicoleta Acatrinei, Global Chair, Sustainable Banking & Finance
Nigest Haile, Global Chair, Global Trade
Lucia de Luca, Global Chair, Pay Parity & Corporate Transformation
Brunhilde Schram, Global Chair, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Dr. Sirikul Nui Laukaikul, Global Chair, Brand Creation & Marketing 
Lord Rami Ranger, G100 Denim Club Partner, Anti-Gender Based Violence 
Jain Joseph, G100 Denim Club Partner, Arts Leadership

President’s Advisory Council 
Katja Iversen 
Marijela Margeta Hasimbegovic