Ignacio (Nacho) Villoch 

He Graduated in Law and specialist in international marketing by training, in addition to several postgraduate degrees  ( IE, Columbia, Georgetown), he has lived and worked on 4 continents -from Singapore to Paraguay and Bolivia, passing through Lisbon, New York and Miami- in managerial positions in the financial industry; An all-terrain communicator, Nacho Villoch is an active generator of content in the form of a blog, twits, videos, presentations, on Innovation, Talent, Sustainability, digital transformation , to which he has been professionally dedicated for two decades, a field in which he has built a proven reputation. He is currently the Director of the Digital Enterprise Show World Congress. Regular guest professor in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and digital transformation programs of business schools and inspirational speaker and facilitator in institutional, academic and corporate events.Author of several business novels such as “Diana´s Adventure: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Against All Odds” and “Yago’s Challenge: In Search of the Sources of Talent. In 2021, He has published “A brief history of the Future” connecting innovation of the past with a compelling vision of the future. He actively engages as a mentor, inspirer, or promoter in various communities and entrepreneurship projects such as TeamLabs, SEK Lab Accelerator, Xperience Ahead,, and the TEDx event community,A pioneer in the use of social networks and social media, in 2016 he was awarded by the Linkedin social network as the Top Social Executive in Spain and Portugal, and in 2021 he has been awarded as the +Influencer in Human Resources and listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 40 Futurists in Spain. He currently stimulates the creation of digital ecosystems through open innovation dynamics and helps entrepreneurs to discover their IKIGAI.Nacho is passionate about travelling extreme sports, he actively mobilizes to support certain social causes and the achievement of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, as Ambassador of ODS Certificate and the NGO Almas Marinas.