Hayat jmammou

Hayat Jmammou

She is a Swiss-based philanthropist, art collector, and art advisor. She is the Founder of Hayat Fine Art Advisory, Hayat Fine Art Selection, La Filature, and H.J. Consulting. She manages some of the most important private and corporate collections, curates art exhibitions, and organizes events to protect historical sites, such as a Roman site in Baalbek, Lebanon, and works with Aliph, a Swiss-based foundation acting for the protection of heritage in conflict areas. Her international business education has led her down a path where she creatively combines her passion for art, anthropology, literature, opera, theatre, cinema, historical and mythological sites, with solidarity of cultural leaders globally.

She particularly supports women art collectors and art aficionados as part of the International Women’s Art Collectors Club. She lectures on the art market and writes papers related to art and geopolitics, finance, and the economy. She donates to cultural institutions, organizes charity auctions, and supports artists in difficult times. She believes that in every society, culture, and heritage matter deeply, even though silently, and that these remain one of the most important drivers of individual and collective change.

Born in Morocco and growing up in France, she experienced rejection of her culture and North-African background. Transforming her pain into passion, she began traveling the world at an early age to discover the diversity that makes our world full of richness, uniqueness, and discoveries. She became convinced that our distinct cultures and heritages are not mere alternatives or nice things to have, but they are fundamental human rights and needs for individuals and the collective to actively participate in and contribute to a global consciousness with lasting spirit of equality and inclusion.

Before dedicating herself professionally to art, she worked within the Medical Devices Industries at an international level in senior management for a decade. Having this international and interdisciplinary background allows her to understand the importance of roots and identity – how important it is to understand the past to live in the present and build our future, tapping into the full spectrum of our confidence, competence, and creativity.

Hayat wants to transform the way governments budget for the cultural sectors. She wants to raise awareness and build momentum for promoting cultural initiatives and safeguarding heritages. Such endeavors will bring more joy, peace, and understanding to our world, curb mistrust and miscommunication, and become great sources to strengthen societies as they promote social cohesion, facilitate freedom of expression, empower the marginalized, create good governance and democratic spaces, and, of course, boost the economy and employment in tourism.