Grammenos Mastrojeni

Grammenos Mastrojeni, Diplomat -Senior Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean, Spain.
Diplomat, Professor and writer, focusing for the last 30 years on societal, geo-strategic and economic impacts of environmental degradation, engaged in communicating climate change with more than 500 public appearances. He is also the Author of the first ever Italian novel on climate change, I segni dei tempi, Mursia, 2006. Currently, Senior Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean. Also:

– Assistant Director General, Coordinator for Environment and Head of the Science Policy Interface at the Italian Development Cooperation, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
– Head of the Italian Delegation to UNCCD negotiations, elected EU/WEOG Representative in UNCCD CoP Bureau, Vice President and General Rapporteur of UNCCD CoP (Mandate, October 2015-October 2017); head negotiator on water, lands and soils, ecosystem based approaches, and oceans for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
– Member of the Delegations to UNFCCC, UNCBD and other environment-related European and multilateral processes;
– Co Chair of the G7 Group on Climate and Fragility
– Chair of the UN Global Mountains Alliance – Mountain Partnership
– Co-Chair of the Board of the Global Islands Partnership;
– Member of the National Emissions Trading Commission;
– Lecturer and Professor of Environment and Geo-strategy at various institutions, think-tanks and Universities;
– Member of the Advisory Committee of the Global Soils Yearbook
– Member of the Board of the MA in Development at the Milan Institute of Technology (Politecnico);
– Member of the Scientific Council of the Master in Sustainable Development at LUMSA Pontifical University and Professor of Social and Environmental Sustainability;
– Member of the Scientific Board of the Ocean Sea Foundation;
– Member of the Scientific Board of OIKOS NGO and Ocean Sea Foundation;
– Member of the Steering Committee of UNCCD Global Land Outlook;
– Scientific Advisor for the Environment at the Solidarity Initiatives Centre of Milan Catholic University;
– Member of the Editorial and Scientific Board of “Epheso” Magazine (CNR)

Numerous articles – and other texts published by official organizations – about human impacts of environmental degradation, and the following Books:
– Il negoziato e la conclusione degli accordi internazionali, CEDAM, 2000 (Negotiating and Concluding International Agreements).
– Il ciclo indissolubile – Pace, ambiente, sviluppo e libertà nell’equilibrio globale, V&P/Catholic University Press, 2002 (The Unbreakable Cycle – Peace, Environment, Development and Freedom in Global Balance).
– Il nostro turno: il semestre italiano di presidenza dell’Unione Europea, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, 2003 (Our Turn: the Italian Presidency of EU, published by the Italian MFA).
– L’ecorivoluzione necessaria, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2008 (The Necessary Eco-Revolution).
– L’Arca di Noè – Per salvarci tutti insieme, Chiarelettere, 2014. (Noah’s Ark – Saving the Environment Together)
– Effetto serra, effetto guerra, Chiarelettere 2017 (3 editions, Climate, conflicts migrations)
– Effetti farfalla, 5 scelte di felicità per salvare il pianeta, Chiarelettere, 2021 (Butterfly Effects – Five Choices of Happiness that Save the Planet)