Gennandrea Mancone

Gennandrea Mancone is an Italian entrepreneur whose career has always been inspired by innovation in several fields, from textile to real estate markets. Right after his Master’s Degree in International Law he got involved in managing companies such as his family business that specialised in the production and transformation of textile material that served companies producing the most exclusive bed linens.

In 2006 he conceived ‘Arborea Living’, an ambitious project that aims at building a new neighborhood in Monza, a city in the outskirts of Milan.
That represented a remarkable switch: from running a production factory to imagining the construction of a small city. A complex project that requested a multidisciplinary evaluation starting with its feasibility from a financial and environmental point of view including all challenges related to a protected green area, the ecological demands, through the external and internal architectural aspects and the materials to the interior design. All of these elements would need to be managed and efficiently deliver what he had envisioned. He therefore selected a team of experienced architects and interior designers that would help him realise his project combining nature with architecture whilst finding the right balance between usability and aesthetics. His determination and commitment were not impacted by the pandemic. That was the time when construction works started after having sold the first apartments on paper. ‘Arborea Living’ is a 66,000 m2 plan that entails 700 apartments and multiple facilities and is based on the realisation of a green space meeting the increasing demand of a more sustainable lifestyle.