Latin American Women United: strength and solidarity for global change

G100 Argentina Meetings, Buenos Aires, 18 October 2022.

Within the framework of WEF Argentina was held the first G100 meeting in Argentina 

On October 18 at the San Martin Palace of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, more than 30 women leaders from Latin America met.

Convenor: General Director of WEF Argentina, Dr. Lina Anllo, who is Global Chair of Integrity & Compliance. Supported by

Michelle Ferrari, G100 Global Chair Coporate Boards and Nicole Verdugo, G100 Global Chair, Social Entrepreneurship. Accompanied by Gisel Salinas, Argentina Country Chair of Integrity & Compliance and Monica Ortega, Mexico Country Chair Integrity & Compliance.

Dr. Lina Anllo, emphasized the importance of integrity and Compliance with a Gender Perspective in a globalized business environment.

The next participation was made by the official Ana Laura Ramos, Undersecretary of Institutional Transparency of the Government of Argentina, Ana Laura spoke about the work that is being carried out in the province of Buenos Aires, with a Project on Integrity in all the Municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires with a Gender perspective and a Public Ethics Law is being presented with a gender and Diversities perspective.

Contributions were made from the different work wings, Mónica Elizabeth Ortega Juárez,

highlighted that Corruption is a widespread phenomenon that raises serious social, moral, economic and political concerns, and that affects economic development worldwide. The fight against corruption and the promotion of integrity is no longer an issue for women or men, it is a problem that concerns us all as a global challenge.

Irini Wentinck commented on the importance of strengthening and expanding networking

networks to accelerate the development of women’s leadership in the business world. He presented the work he has been developing through the Red MIA | Women of the Argentine Industry, and in coordination with the Business Chambers of the country and the region.

She pointed out that within the framework of the Women Economic Forum Argentina, an important action was developed for the G100 Business Networking, since the first meeting of Women Entrepreneurs of the region was held, in which delegations from Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay participated.

Dr. Reyna Ángulo Valenzuela, expressed that in terms of substantive equality and the fight

against corruption in Mexico, some Legislative Powers such as Sinaloa are working on a purple agenda that guarantees equality in public service from the legislation, that crimes against women have severe penalties and vicarious violence, legal interruption of pregnancy and sexual crimes were recently criminalized, in order to guarantee a life free of violence as a right from the law

The Mtra. Ana Laura Aguilar Ramírez, pointed out that integrity management systems must include the gender perspective in their implementation and operation and presented the 4 objectives of the work plan for the region of Baja California, Mexico in 2023.

From Arts & Leadership Brenda Rodriguez spoke about the importance of artistic

manifestation in the life and development of women, art as a means of communication, leadership, interaction, and also as a way of life… to highlight and honor the life of women through the art.

We also talked about the key tools for the implementation of strategies aligned to the Triple Bottom Line, Economic, Social, Environmental.

From Human Resources, María Laura García commented on an important project, We are launching The Power Women collection, made up of 4,000 NFTs. A collection created to support triple impact projects led by women.

Magaly Castro urged us to unite our forces in favor of achieving better opportunities for

the inclusion of women in the economies, strengthening their leadership in business and contributing to the economic Reactivation of our Countries that we need so much. A Swallow does not make a summer, it is time to take flight together in the brotherhood that characterizes us.

It was a meeting that filled us with energy and desire to continue working for this wonderful organization that makes us proud, the first of many that we will carry out to promote the work of all the wings of G100 in Argentina and in the world. 

We are convinced that this is the way to achieve true empowerment of women, their economic freedom and therefore their personal and emotional growth.Together we rise !

Participants : 

• Ana Laura Ramos

Undersecretary of Institutional Transparency, of the Undersecretary of Institutional Transparency of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• Monica Ortega

México Country Chair Integrity & Compliance.

• Reyna Ángulo Valenzue

North West Region Chair G100 Integrity & Compliance.

• Ana Laura Aguilar Ramírez,

Baja California, State Chair G100 Integrity & Compliance.

• Denisse Goldfarb

Chile Country Chair Human Resources.

• Karin Rodriguez

Argentina Country Chair Public Relations

• Irini Wentinck

Argentina Country Chair Business Networking

• Magaly Castro

Bolivia Country Chair Business Networking

• Brenda Rodríguez

Argentina Country Chair Arts & Leadership

• Patricia Malnati


 Advisory Member Human Resources Argentina • Carina Mariño

Argentina Country Chair Entrepreneurship.

• Cecilia Garau

Advisory Member Human Resources Argentina

• Gabriela Korovsky

Argentina Country Chair Brand Creation & Marketing. • Maria Laura García

Advisory Member Human Resources Argentina • Elda Almeida

Argentina Country Chair Circular Economy

• Virginia Genovesi

Advisory member – Public Relations Argentina • Silvia Chus

Argentina Country Chair Human Resources

• Laila Wagner

Advisory Member Public Relations Argentina

• Carmen Gloria Arroyo

Chile Country Chair Media Arts & Communications • Constanza Sena

Advisory Member Public Relations Argentina

• Silvina Scarímbolo

Argentina Country Chair Anti-Sexual Harassment • Karina Rodríguez Araya

Argentina Country Chair Unidad & Sabiduría Argentina • Alejandra Zalazar

Argentina Country chair Sports Empowerment

• Patricia K. Pitaluga

Advisory Member Public Relations Argentina

• Julita Barreto

Colombia Country Chair Social Entrepreneurship • Jannette Riffo

Argentina Country Chair Media Arts & Comunication • Laura Velásquez

Argentina Country Chair Global Networking

• Clara Navarro Viola

Advisory Member Global Networking Argentina • Blanca Estela Pérez

Country Chair Social Entrepeneurship Mexico