Positive Energy for Positive Impact: Take the Lead, Take the Leap 

G100 – Balkans, 8 Countries tour, 22-30 September 2022 


 The Balkans tour was conceived earlier in the year when our Soul Sister Rafaela Rica from Albania proposed a visionary idea of travelling across 8 countries in the Balkan region. The project materialised over the next few months with engaged participation of sisters across Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania. 

The hard work and heart work in planning these beautiful gatherings created inspired spaces for solidarity and action toward raising awareness and developing actions for gender equality, with confluence of local, regional and global cooperation. The enriching events organised in each country enabled exchange 

of knowledge, experiences and good practices, empowering us to weave together in harmony and co-creation new opportunities and conditions for mutual learning, growth and progress for our greater influence and impact. 

Cheering for one another in trust and togetherness, we strengthened our bonds ever more in synergy and support. It was a project where we witnessed in awe and admiration our collective call and commitment to ‘make it happen’ – an enduring ethos in our epic project.

It was excellent to see young women have an entrepreneurial mindset with energy and enthusiasm, creating many new and innovative start ups. What we need to extend to them from our end is more mentoring and guidance on raising capital, structuring, marketing, technology and strategic thinking with mental resilience, tenacity and drive. 

Meeting leaders and advocates for gender equality, stellar role models in diverse fields, and inspiring young leaders, we emboldened our asks from the institutions and decision makers, especially for the ‘seat on the table’ across the board. We look forward to launching more projects with partners in support. 

As an all-inclusive movement building our strength in synergy and support, globally, regionally and locally, we continue to take actions to connect with government, companies, international organisations and businesses in bridging the gap among genders and taking measures to ensure that every woman feels secure and empowered to pursue her dreams and live a fulfilled life in mutual respect and dignity, contributing ever more to the wealth 

of economies, wellbeing of society and welfare of people.  

We are deeply inspired by the beauty of the Balkans, in heart, mind, vision and soul. We grow together stronger and wiser toward fulfilling our shared aspirations and combating our collective challenges. The warmth and wisdom of beautiful Balkans stays with us. It has been a sacred pilgrimage where we have all offered our very best to our collective call for change in equality and solidarity. A miraculous manifestation, this blessed tour has offered us 

further guidance and inspiration for many more journeys globally, fuelling our mission and fulfilling our goals. 

Convenor: Rafaela Rica, Global Chair, Digital Media & E-Commerce, along with global chairs, country chairs and advisory council members across all countries visited. Details of Program & Participants are given on the

 tabs for respective countries. We are grateful for the companionship of the RCC (Regional Cooperation Council) in our ardent endeavour.