G100 – France meetings paris & Strasbourg 

9-12, November 2022

A power packed G100 delegation participated in the 5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum (PPF).
As we heard keynotes and panels by eminent leaders including heads of states, it was a sobering reminder on the fragility and fragmentation of the world facing an uncertain future. The humanitarian and economic crises triggered by multiple factors such as covid, climate change, wars and violence have pushed millions of people into displacement and distress. It was widely shared that one cannot talk of sustainable peace without including the underserved and marginalised – especially children and women who need to be ever more at the decision making tables for new policies and practices to lay the foundation of a future that works for all. 
We need to be the actors of change who will lead by example to showcase how we must treat our neighbors as equals and foster mutual trust, respect and cooperation across our human family worldwide – to look beyond the apparent differences in color, culture and creed and focus  instead on our innate common humanity. 
Earlier, at our meet and greet gathering 55 leaders from across our network, we were delighted to meet reaffirming their commitment in solidarity to continue their outreach to young women, institutions, women’s networks, universities, companies and civil society to build allies and partnerships in their activities for sustainable solutions to persistent problems of inequities and discrimination.