Ewald Lochner

On behalf of Tanja Wehsely, G100 Global Chair- Social Services & Welfare, welcoming for this wing G100 Denim Club partner & inspiring leader, Ewald Lochner, Psychiatry, Addiction and Drug Coordinator of the City of Vienna Austria. He is Financial Director of the Psychosocial Services of Vienna as well as Managing Director at the Office of Addiction and Drug Policy of Vienna.

Born and raised in Vienna he is working in drug and addiction prevention since more than one and a half decades now. Since 2007 he was Head of the section dealing with employment and social integration within the Office of Addiction and Drug Policy of Vienna.

In 2010 he became additionally deputy managing director and in 2018 Managing director. Moreover in 2015 he started as Financial Director at the Psychosocial Services of Vienna. The Psychosocial Services of Vienna provides with its broad network of outpatient facilities main primary care for mentally ill people. Main goal is quick help for ill people and their relatives living in Austrian`s capital.

In all cases it is important to see that maintenance consist of help due to the mental illness as well as inclusion of social aspects, as psychiatric illnesses often go along with changes in social surrounding, as loss of workplace, loss of accommodation or interpersonal contacts. The Office of Addiction and Drug Policy of Vienna is the main coordination board dealing with all aspects of addiction and drug policy in Vienna. It is working in different fields as employment/social integration, advice/treatment/care, public space/security and prevention.