Emma MacLennan

Emma MacLennan    

She is the Founder & Director General of Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) a UK-registered charity, EASST works in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia to facilitate cross-border projects on road safety, sustainable transport, mobility & accessibility including for children and special needs.

Along with local partner organisations sharing know-how and resources across borders, the projects enable countries facing similar challenges to learn from each other to reduce road casualties and overcome common obstacles. Her Key Projects include: 2016: Project Supervisor: ‘Kazakhstan – South West Corridor Road Project, Road Safety Capacity Building’ EBRD C3414/87/28179 & C34315/87/85. Responsible for Task 1 (completed), carrying out a Safe Villages Campaign; 2013-2016: Project Expert: ‘Implementation of regional road safety action plan for Neighbourhood East and Central Asian Countries – TRACECA Road Safety II’; ENPI. TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) working in 10 countries along the ‘silk road’ corridor from Europe to Central Asia.

The aim was to help build both government and civil society stakeholder capacity in road safety, promote long-term and sustainable partnership and knowledge sharing, and increase collaboration and cooperation within the region; 2015: Project Lead, ‘Georgia: Road Safety Awareness Campaign Shuakhevi and Khulo,’ EBRD. The key objective of the project was to reduce road safety risks to road users and pedestrians on public roads in the surrounding Shuakhevi and Khulo communities by promoting safer road user behaviour and raising awareness of risks.
The assignment required the identification and engagement of relevant groups most affected by road safety risks, and identification of additional sustainable measures that may be implemented to reduce the risk to local road users; 2015: Project Supervisor, establishment of ‘FIRE AID’ supported by DfID. FIRE AID is a new organisation of UK fire & rescue services and humanitarian aid organisations working to improve road crash response capacity in low and middle income countries including in the CIS region.

FIRE AID received initial sponsorship from the UK Department for International Development as part of their CHASE (Conflict, Humanitarian and Security) Programme in the form of an Accountable Grant; 2013- 2014: Project Supervisor, ‘Azerbaijan: Scoping a Road Safety Campaign in Azerbaijan,’ EBRD. The “Safe Villages and Road Safety Awareness” project in Azerbaijan aimed to address the needs of the most vulnerable people affected by the R42 (Bahramtapa-Bilesuvar) and R18 (Mingachevir-Bahramtapa) road rehabilitation projects, improve road safety and reduce speeds among drivers using these routes.

The key objective was to raise public awareness about road safety in target villages along the R42 and R18 regional roads; Dec 2013-May 2014: Project Supervisor, ‘Capacity Building for CSOs to Promote Road Safety,’ EBRD. This project complements and raises awareness among CSOs in affected communities of the existing Road Rehabilitation Project IV. 5 local training workshops for CSOs were carried out in 4 town/village locations and in Chisinau to enhance local communication skills about road issues and develop capacity for road safety advocacy. A dear Soul Sister enabling accessibility of mobility for All.