Dr. Petra Kuenkel

Dr. Petra Kuenkel   

She is the Executive Director, Collective Leadership Institute Executive Committee, International Club of Rome, Germany and South Africa. Petra Kuenkel is transformation psychologist and change management expert, and has been actively engaged in advancing the International Club of Rome for the past 6 years.

She is a thought leader and practitioner in fostering collective action for transformations to a world of human wellbeing and planetary health. With a unique combination of academic rigor and implementation experience she has an in-depth understanding of pathways to stewarding transformative change and understands barriers for change, such as the interconnectedness between the climate crisis and the current dominant economic system.

As the founder of the Collective Leadership Institute, an internationally active NGO, building transformation literacy and collaboration competency for transformative change, she has an in-depth knowledge of challenges in implementing global and local transformations.

This includes a deep appreciation of the potential of human agency for accelerating the global changes needed as well as the role that transformative leadership can play in overcoming the current crisis.
A seasoned systems scientist, visionary author and expert in complex multi-stakeholder settings she promotes systems transformations by scaling-up collective stewardship skills for decision-makers. Based on successful transformation processes, she developed the dialogic change methodology and the Collective Leadership Compass, a guiding tool for navigating change in complex multi-actor settings.

Petra Kuenkel’s ground-breaking publications “Stewarding Sustainability Transformations (2019)”, “Leading Transformative Change Collectively (2020)” and “The Art of Leading Collectively (2016)” received international attention; her writings have appeared in numerous professional journals. Petra says, “Sustainability transformations hinge on a broad range of actors to organize around stewarding transformative change collectively. This will increasingly be the task of networks of networks that accelerate collective action. Collective Stewardship is the key element that will take women into the power of co-creating wellbeing on a healthy planet.” A dear Soul Sister inspiring all to come together in co-creating a better world for all.