Dr. José Ramón Calvo Fernandez

Dr. José Ramón Calvo Fernandez was Born in Spain, he studied Medical Doctor Degree at the University of Cordoba with Outstanding Mention (1984) , Doctor Cum Laude in Public Health from the University of Córdoba (1991) and Medical Specialist in Childcare-Social Pediatrics (1985-¬‐1989). He worked as Full Professor with Tenure of Health Education, University of Las Palmas (1991-2019) and was Executive Director of the Spanish Office of International Centre for Migration, Health and Development from September (2009-2016), Member of the Canarian Institute of Cancer Research (1994-2015), Founder and Director of the Project “The Ship of Excellence” (2010-2016), Executive Director of the Foundation Excellence (2011-2016), Founder and Director of the Campus of Excellence (2005-2009), Founder and Director of Forum of Excellence (2015-2016), Medical Director for Spain & Portugal Mead Johnson-Bristol Myers Pharmaceuticals (1988-1991), President of the International Institute of International Relations from the Royal Academy of European Doctors (2017-), Senior Executive Advisor Barcelona Supercomputing Center (2019), Founder and Director of Campus of Excellence in Climate (2021).

His professional interests in scientific areas are-Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation, Health Education in Adolescents and Children Health, Environment and Climate Change Lifestyles and Health Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Education Gastronomy, Music and Arts, Organization of International Events.

With a rich repertoire of Academic Mentorship, he has had many eminent accomplishments and assignments. To name just a few – he has been Director of 16 doctoral thesis, Director of More than 100 master Thesis, Director of a Master in Health Education ULPGC, Director of a Master in Social Pediatrics ULPGC, Director of a Master in Tobacco Control ULPGC, Professor of a Master on Tobacco Control online, University of Seville and Featured in more than 100 Speaking Engagements.

He was Keynote Speaker on the International Course on smoking at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, 2002, Keynote Speaker at the 1st Summit on Tobacco Control in Puerto Rico 2003 ,Keynote Speaker at the National Mexican Congress in Pneumology-2007,Guest Speaker at the Mexican Academy of Medicine-2005,Guest Speaker at the Spanish Royal Academy of Medicine-2006,Guest Speaker at the Climate Reality Project, 24 Hours of Reality in Cape Verde (2012),Guest Speaker at the Global Compact Summit Leadership United Nations-2013,Invited Professor at the Universities of Auburn, California University, Complutense -Madrid, Autonoma-Mexico, Cohahuila-Mexico,
Autónoma Madrid, Lleida, La Laguna and SEK-Equador. He has also had Many participations as guest speaker on TV and radio programs in different countries, including Spain, México, Puerto Rico, US and Brazil, talking about science, leadership and culture.