David Paterson

David is a management consultant with an extensive record in the mining sector. An economist and business analyst by training, he has spent the last 15 years working in the fields of sustainability, social performance and strategic communications. In the course of this work he has held C-suite roles at major mining companies in northern Australia, Mongolia and Zambia.

David has been a leader in developing innovative projects aimed at increasing the benefits of mining projects to the communities around mining operations. He has a strong conviction that mining companies need to ensure high standards of environmental performance and deliver material economic and social opportunities to local communities if they are to preserve and enhance their social licence to operate.

Gender equity is also a focus of his executive career. In addition to having more than 50% female membership in all teams he has led, he has been personally involved in developing programs that improve the lives of girls and women in mining-proximate communities. He understand first hand that often the best way to improve the lives of communities is to contribute to projects that enhance the opportunities for girls and women.