Danillo Gabriel Nakano

Danillo Nakano, Managing Director, NM Advisors, UAE. Mr Danillo Gabriel Nakano is born and raised in Brazil, coming from a family of entrepreneurs in São Paulo State, Brazil, the most vibrant and important economic region in Latin America, with 46 million people and an GPD over USD 700 MM.

Mr Danillo Nakano’s family have business on construction, real state, logistics, trading, health sector, children’s literature and mining sector. Mr Danillo Nakano have a 15+ years career working for McKinsey, World Bank, Energias Renováveis do Brasil, NM Advisors, among other companies and is serving as board member within the family’s companies for 10+ years.

Areas of knowledge are Renewable Energy, as Solar, Wind, Hydroplant, Biomass, Ethanol, O&G, Urban Mobility, Mining, M&A, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting. Working for 10+ years in Brazil, Mr Danillo Nakano also worked in USA, Latin America, Denmark and has set base in the UAE for 5+ years. Mr Danillo Nakano believes on the moral necessity of creating a more egalitarian environment, where equal opportunities are offered, while no one should be in need. Mr Danillo Nakano is fluent on Portuguese and English, with reasonable understanding of Spanish.