Cazim Asotic

Cazim Asotic is the first bassoonist, soloist at the National Opera and Ballet in Northern Macedonia, and a former Director and manager of the same institution. A philanthropist and the first winner of the 2009 World Philanthropist Award, he is also the founder and director of the Heart of Heart Foundation – an organization that cares for people facing various cancer-related health problems.

In 2018, He was named by the company Euroimpex as Ambassador of Culture in Europe for their brand Peugeot, the brand face of Signori – a male high fashion brand as a promoter of their products across Europe. His resume includes organizing many charity events such as telethons to raise funds for children battling leukemia, and organising cultural events. His eminent productions include “Life is a cabaret” – musical production, with the participation of the chamber orchestra at the MOB, chamber ballet at the MOB and famous actors that was performed in Hotel “Alexander Palace” in an original setting.
The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in March 2006. Another one is “Orient Express” – ballet performance where he is the screenwriter, director and producer of the same, and is on the occasion of marking the 15th anniversary of the successful work of the best ballet studio Rebis.

“Turkish Room” was a dedicated performance in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in his country for the day of their statehood. “Istanbul is poetry” is the title of the poetry evening held at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet of poetry in Macedonian and Turkish with his script and direction. “Mozart’s Dream” was a musical stage work based on his libretto, and his participation as an actor and instrumentalist in the trio, as a personal production with the participation of two top artists; “Makedonium” was a musical stage work based on his libretto, with selected Macedonian folk songs played on classical symphonic instruments, and his participation as an actor and instrumentalist in it.

In the history of classical art from his country in which he lives and work it is written that, on the invitation of the great Maestro Dzelo Jusic and his ingenious work “Concerto for bassoon and orchestra”, he was the first instrumentalist artist from Macedonia to perform at the “Dubrovnik Summer Games” at the same festival after 25 years as a soloist. He held the same concert in Skopje and Bitola. The project was under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, 2004. He also has Solo performances in European countries, solo performances with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and Mandolin Orchestra and numerous solo recitals with piano accompaniment.

In addition, from his political career is his participation in various conferences on legal sponsorships and donations in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and sessions to resolve the status of artists in his country. He has received numerous awards, commendations and thanks for both humanitarian activities and artistic reproductive work. He also manages famous Macedonian pop artists and touring abroad with them at International Music Festivals.