Caroline Sack Kendem

Caroline Sack Kendem

She is the co-founder and President of AWEP Cameroon (The African Women Entrepreneurship Program for Cameroon). She is also the chairperson for AWEP Central Africa and a representative of all the French-speaking AWEP branches (total of 19 branches). Caroline is committed to fighting the economic and social exclusion of African women, a cause she has championed for almost 13 years. Her activism and commitment resonate throughout Africa.

In 2012, when she launched AWEP Cameroon, she was a pioneer in the fight for better access for women in the business world. AWEP activities are aimed at female entrepreneurship, coaching, leadership, mentoring, as well as the empowerment of young girls and women.

In 2017, AWEP Cameroon received an $85,000 grant from the US Department of State for the implementation of an empowerment project for women and young girls in the northern regions of Cameroon, which were facing terrorism at that time. Caroline was the lead coordinator of this 2-year project, which involved the training and capacity building of 500 grassroots young girls and women. She also coordinated the building of sheepfolds and collaborated with local veterinarians to train these groups of women in first aid for animals. Subsequently, the focus shifted to providing marketing skills and connecting them to local markets. The second part of the project was to create awareness among these women’s groups by involving moderate imams, traditional leaders/elders, women leaders, survivors of domestic violence, and former/disengaged terrorists. Caroline took the risk of going to these regions when nobody else wanted to reach out to these women and raise awareness about the absolute necessity of counter-terrorism and promoting peace.

In 2022, due to tremendous difficulties in accessing finance, Caroline, along with six other Cameroonian women leaders, decided to invest and launch the very first impact fund in the sub-region called SAVE (Support to African and Vulnerable Entrepreneurs). Her goal was to finance projects for young girls and displaced women and girls across Africa. Two major companies decided to partner with her on this initiative: Advans, the world leader in microfinance, and E4Impact/JFN Center, the leader in entrepreneurship incubation. Caroline initiated and set up all these programs.

Caroline was recognized as a leader and equipped textile entrepreneur by Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her closing remarks at the AGOA Forum held in Zambia in June 2010.