Carolina García

Carolina García

She is a women’s football evangelist and leader in the soccer industry with more than 20 years of management experience, especially in organizing funding and sponsorships for women’s soccer. She became the first woman in Argentina dedicated to a business that was previously the sole reserve of men. A passionate soccer lover and an active seeker of challenges, she was a senior executive in a mining company. Then one day, soccer knocked on her door along with the world of sales.

A prestigious newspaper headlined their editorial about her: “The Woman Who Sells Soccer Best in Argentina.” In 2008, she was summoned by Mexico’s Pachuca Club due to her expertise and her ability to relate to the main players in the industry, to oversee the club’s communication strategy during their expansion into Argentina.

She co-created the First Forum of Development for Sports Equity (FID) with the Foundation of Social Defense (FUDESO), supported by private companies and institutions like Buenos Aires Sports, Sports and Recreation of La Plata, etc., in Argentina. She was invited to shape FAMUD (Women’s Federation in Sports) under the CAD, bringing together key figures in sports to introduce them to the project in Argentina.

A born marketer, she anticipates trends, or as she likes to say, “where the ball is going to pass.” In 2012, she attended a World Soccer Fair in Brazil, where she met the executive managing Women’s Soccer at FIFA at the time, Tatjana Haenni. Haenni saw in Carolina a future benchmark and change-maker for the sport in Argentina. She trained and guided her, teaching her the phrase Carolina now repeats constantly: “To Motivate is To Invest.”

From then on, educated and experienced in a different field, she saw another path where she could leave her mark: women’s soccer. Despite encountering numerous rejections, she treated each “no” as a potential “yes” in the future—all she needed was perseverance and determination. Life, however, had its challenges; when she faced cancer, she had to leave everything on the field. After completing chemotherapy, FIFA invited her to work at the U-17 World Cup in Costa Rica in 2014—an opportunity she courageously accepted.

She sought to connect sports with the cause of gender equity and coined the phrase that has accompanied her since 2014: #NivelarLaCancha, which translates to #LevelTheField. With this, she expresses her commitment to narrowing the inequality gap between men and women in sports. In 2016, she organized and led the 1st Latin American Congress on Women and Sports, supported by FIFA, Conmebol, and numerous associations and professionals from around the world, both on and off the field.

For three consecutive years, she served as a jury member for The Guardian newspaper (UK), representing Latin America in selecting the Best Player of the Year. She was invited by She Kicks Magazine to provide insights to players from the Argentine Women’s National Team before the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France in 2016.

In 2017, she raised the stakes further by organizing the first Congress on Women’s Soccer ever held in Argentina. Forming a team of women from the industry, she ensured that women players had their voices heard in Rosario, Argentina. In 2018, she created and conducted the first Women’s Soccer Clinic in Argentina, giving visibility to the players and emphasizing that women also play soccer.

She brought players from Boca and River, the main teams in Argentina, to Pinamar on the Argentine coast, attracting crowds. The excited players signed balls and shirts, all looking at Carolina with gratitude in their eyes, silently saying, ‘Sister, Thank you.’

In 2018, FIFA once again invited her to serve as a jury member for the pre-selection of the Best Female Soccer Player and Best Coach at the FIFA Best awards in England, representing all of Latin America. In 2019 and 2020, she became the first Women’s Soccer Sponsorship Consultant in Argentina for the Rexona brand, which sponsored the Argentine Major Women’s National Team, the AFA Women’s Soccer League, and the women’s soccer team apparel of River and Boca.

She was selected to speak on Personal Branding, Sports Marketing, and Sports Sponsorship at the first Argentine Football Women’s Coaches Congress and the 1st Latin American Football Women’s Coaches Congress organized by ATFA. In 2021, she was invited by Conmebol, the South American Soccer Confederation, to be a jury member at the first Latin American Congress on Women’s Soccer in Paraguay.

Carolina believes that when one woman succeeds, all women benefit. While the player scores the goals, it’s the team that wins. Carolina loves to walk the road less traveled, embodying the spirit of a true pioneer, because she knows she has the capacity to achieve her goals and the conviction to score them.