Bernie Arnason

On behalf of Shirley Bloomfield, G100 Global Chair- Telecom, welcoming for this wing G100 Denim Club partner & inspiring leader, Bernie Arnason, Principal, Pivot Group LLC, USA. He is Leading broadband industry strategic advisor and consultant. Pivot helps clients grow their business through marketing, research, and training. Vast experience in the broadband industry supporting service providers, suppliers, vendors, and financial professionals who need analysis, strategic consultation, and tools to grow market share.

Publisher and Managing Editor of, a leading telecom industry blog focused on the evolving telecom competitive landscape. His diversified capabilities include: – strategic marketing and business development consulting; strategic planning and consulting for clients; broad reach into an extensive network of broadband carriers; interpreting and explaining market trends and developments; conducting and analyzing market research; developing and cultivating telecom mindshare including blogs, webinar series, and conferences/events Specialties include: Strategic consulting for business development, market positioning, and marketing strategy. Comprehensive understanding of U.S. broadband carrier ecosystem.