Alvaro M. C. Garnero

Alvaro M. C. Garnero, Brazilian Tourism Ambassador, Embratur – Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion, Brazil. 

He is a Brazilian businessman with a degree in business administration from San Diego State and an MBA from the National University .
All his academic training was in the United States, where he lived for 15 years and became a father. When he returned to Brazil, Álvaro invested in hospitality: he went to countless restaurants and nightclubs before arriving at Café de la Musique , the first dining club in Brazil. The idea was a success, other units were opened and the dining club evolved into an even more modern concept: the Beach Club . Today there are dozens of Café de la Musique operating throughout Brazil, as well as parties with the club’s name in the most coveted places in the world. In addition to hospitality, Álvaro Garnero is also a highly respected name in entertainment. In 2007 he started to present the 50 for 1 program , where he was able to show his charisma, all his knowledge and his ease in moving through different environments, from the most luxurious to the most popular, in different countries around the world. The program, which initially would be a documentary with 50 episodes, ended up becoming a reference for national tourism. Today, 50 for 1 is shown as a frame within the program with the highest audience on Rede Record , Domingo Espetacular , and has an average of 25 million viewers per week, in addition to being presented in over 150 countries by Record Internacional .Today, Álvaro Garnero unfolds in several roles: he presents the 50 for 1, successfully inserted as a painting of Domingo Espetacular , exercises strategic functions at BrasilInvest , is a partner of the Café de la Musique brand, with numerous Beach Clubs in Brazil, and two hotels , is also a partner at Café Society , with composer Seu Jorge and businessman Dinho Diniz. In addition, since 2016 Álvaro Garnero has commanded with José Victor Oliva the 1st box at the Sambódromo – the most disputed box of the Brazilian Carnival.