As a caring, conscious, creative collective of global leaders, following are our 100 commitments for a gender equal future and a better world for all.  Our commitments offer an approach to each one of us to be the change and bring the change. Serving as lampposts and guidelines for our vibe and tribe, these emerge from our cross-cultural sensibility, ethos of participatory leadership, values driven community, and purposeful design toward developing an all-embracing global consciousness. Offering a flexible framework for all to tap into our common humanity, these inspire us to stay the course, grow and spread our wings, evolve and organise, foster shared values and contribute to co-creating the world we seek. We don’t need to commit to all 100. Any one or any mix that resonates with us at different times can become our source and space of self-discovery, progress, creativity and connection, propelling us onward and upward. All paths and all ways lead us toward our goals in oneness and wisdom.  


We commit to:

1. Abundance Mindset: We are not abandoned. We are abundant. Operate from Infinity. As we think, so we have. As we do, so we can. 
2. Affirmation: Love All. Serve All. Help Ever. Hurt Never.
3. Applaud and Appreciate: Empower Potential in All, Possibilities for All, Power to All with appreciation and encouragement. 
4. Ask & Give: If we don’t Ask, the answer is always No. Build bonds to make it easy to ask and give in trust and togetherness. 
5. Be Positive: Just One positive thought can transform the bad to better. Think Positive. Be Positive. Positivity is a superpower.
6. Be the Change: I couldn’t change it, so I accepted it. I couldn’t accept it, so I endured it. I couldn’t endure it, so I ignored it. I couldn’t ignore it, so I                      changed it. Yes we can all change all that we want to. 
7. Be You: You are unique; so is everyone else. Share Your Gift. 
8. Boldness: If you think you can, then yes you can. Dream it, do it. 
9. Boundaries & Bridges: Build both for healthy bonds in mutual respect. 
10. Build as you Benefit: Tap into the existing energy and networks in the community, but also expand them all the more. Empower the chain of change.                  Boost efforts. Build networks. Broaden horizons. 
11. Collaboration & Celebration: Create calendars and spaces to co-create in kindred spirit. By celebrating one another, we smoothen, broaden and gladden            the routes of collaboration. 
12. Community & Common Humanity: Experience of our Common Humanity builds Community with connection, kinship, collaboration.
13. Connection & Compassion: When connection grows, compassion flows and change shows. Share and learn in openness. 
14. Consistent & Persistent: The journey to change requires ALL to do their bit. Together we build the momentum with small steps and giant leaps. Let’s keep          trying till we succeed, because one day we will. 
15. Contribute: When we contribute, we belong, and when we belong, we contribute. Be involved to evolve.
16. Dialogue: Discussions build our empathy and understanding of the ‘other’, bringing harmonious awareness of our sameness as humans, mitigating                    barriers and dissolving distinctions between ‘us’ and ‘them.’
17. Distributed Leadership: Share duties and multiply outcomes. The forest is greener with every seed sown. Our distributed leadership and federated                      structure fosters creative communities at all levels with least hierarchy and loads of possibilities.
18. Ecosystems: Foster networks and support systems that uplift self growth, societal care and sustainability. 
19. Education: Enable access and resources for education and skills. 
20. Embrace the G: G in G100 is the power groups, global, genders, generosity, gratitude, goals, guidance, goodness….
21. Empowerment: Sharing our innate and infinite powers to help and heal can be our greatest gift to transform the world as we see it. 
22. Enterprise & Leadership: Awaken the Can-do spirit. All are leaders.
23. Enthusiasm: We honor enthusiasm and initiative. We can always bite more than we can chew as the collective empowers us all to do more.
24. Equality in Diversity: We are all equal, unique, and works in progress. 
25. Faith & Focus: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Carry on with forward momentum and future focus. 
26. Feminine Leadership: We honor the uniqueness and strength of feminine leadership traits across genders. Empathy, sensitivity, care and concern make us          all better humans, and by that better leaders.
27. Force of Nature: Our unity and purpose makes us unstoppable. Nurture the Oneness and One-Pointedness to be a force of nature. 
28. Forgive & Let go: Miscommunications can happen – c’est la vie. Be ready to forgive and let go. Goodbyes can be cordial. 
29. Gatekeepers & Peacekeepers: As gatekeepers and custodians of values and culture, we all guard the greater good. 
30. Gender Equality & Justice: Women’s Rights are Human Rights. Gender Justice is Social Justice. We strive and persevere. 
31. Goals & Targets: Set goals and targets individually and collectively to advocate for change and achieve outcomes. 
32. Good Karma: Give back for the greater good. Don’t do to others as you wouldn’t want done to you. 
33. Guts: Our guts are our glory. Rise again. We can overcome.
34. Happiness & Harmony: Healing helps us be happy. Happiness helps us to heal. Discover the zones of flow, joy and harmony.
35. He for She & She for He: Foster harmony among genders with open sharing, understanding, team spirit and inclusive goals. 
36. Humanitarian: Our endeavours have a humanitarian ethos and are for All, across cultures and backgrounds.
37. Humility: We are humble when we are aware that we are always receiving. Gratitude and Humility are two sides of the same coin. 
38. Hundred: Multiply All Actions by 100. That’s G100 Network Effect. Connect a hundred people. Set a hundred goals. Hundreds of actions for hundreds will          build momentum and critical mass for change. 
39. Higher with Hurdles: When hurdles go high, we have to go even higher to overcome and surpass. Hurdles train us for an even higher level of                              performance. Welcome hurdles with positive attitudes, to take the leaps of change and emerge stronger in skillsets and mindsets.
40. Independence & Interdependence: Our work culture honors the beautiful balance of independence and interdependence.
41. Influential & Inclusive: By growing our networks vertically and horizontally by the hundreds, we exercise influence with inclusion. It is integral to our                    mission to leave no one behind. 
42. Inner Evolution & Innovation: Nothing changes until we do. We meet change and innovation on the path of improvement. 
43. Innovative Finance: Find innovative ways to make ends meet for endeavours. As a free membership network we don’t have corpus of funds. Our mindset            and resourcefulness are key to creativity. 
44. Inspiration & Integration: Be the flame of inspiration and the force of integration for our world to shine and show up in its robust goodness. 
45. Integrity: Live your Truth, the World will Adjust. 
46. Kindness: Kindness is the shortest distance between people. The language of love is universal. Bring the world together. 
47. Leadership: Shine your light, shower your love, sow the good, show the way – elevate and expand all with your example and actions.
48. Learning & Listening: We are lifelong learners even when and especially when we lead. When we get better, the world gets better. 
49. Let’s Do It: Make it a mantra. Action dispels delays and doubts, alleviates anxieties, and creates a path of change. 
50. Lift Up: Lend a helping hand to lift up whoever you can, as you can.
51. Love: Love is the ultimate alchemist. Persist and persevere in love.
52. Many Fingers, One Hand: Different wings are designed for maximum coverage and creativity; yet all anchored in One integrative vision. 
53. Media: In this age of information, we remind ourselves, that “My-Energy-Drives-Ideas-Actions.” Rather than take the news, we can create the news. We are  all mediums and channels of information and communication. We can use that power to heal the world. 
54. Meetings: Meet stakeholders often in person to make room for change in spirit of dialogue, diversity, inclusion, advocacy and influence to prompt change          and create ripples of transformation
55. Merge & Emerge: Be ever open to combine strengths and merge endeavours in solidarity and synergy. Old wings can be merged and new wings can be            formed so that we keep strengthening the hundred. 
56. Multilateral: Our work is beyond borders and bilateral issues, for the welfare of women and people worldwide.
57. Multistakeholder: We invite and include diverse stakeholders in dialogue and decision making toward achieving shared goals.
58. Network of Networks: Welcome to include and align your respective networks in our global network. 
59. Networking: Work translates our vision, network transforms it. Talent grows multi Times with Teamwork. 
60. Neutrality: As a global collective, we don’t engage in bilateral issues, and work for good of all with humanity, neutrality and non-partisanship. 
61. No Strings Attached: In our voluntary network, all are free to enter and exit as they’d like. All roles are voluntary, participation is pro bono and focus is                philanthropic.
62. Non-Dogmatic: We honor all faiths and creeds and uphold the unity and seamless oneness of all, without evangelizing any, and work with all for the                  empowerment of girls and women worldwide.
63. Non-Judgemental: Make all feel welcome. None is superior or inferior. 
64. Non-Political: We support women to thrive in all field including politics, but we are not a political group ourselves.
65. Non-Violence: No one needs to live in fear. Encourage peace, warmth and wisdom. Wish all well. 
66. One for All & All for One: Be there for one another. We need us All. 
67. Organic Development: With collaboration and co-creation, innovation emerges and we all evolve. Trust the process, Inspire the process.
68. Organise: Organise the groups we lead with roles and goals.
69. Pass the Baton: Honor your inner call to heal and hibernate whenever you feel like; take a break, pass on the role, and return anytime. 
70. Pave the Path: The path is made by paving it – embrace the unknown, take the next step in faith. 
71. Personal Growth: I asked – Why are things not as they should be? It replied, Are you as you should be? Growth is life. Let’s keep growing!
72. Philanthropy: All our platforms offer free membership and voluntary support. All give freely and receive freely.
73. Picnic Model: We have a picnic model of resourcefulness, wherein each one brings whatever is possible. We enrich, because we can. Given the epic nature          of our voluntary project and collective network, pull in and pool in respective strengths for the greater good. 
74. Purpose: Live in Purpose. Our best vibration comes from our Purpose.
75. Recognition: Recognise and reward efforts of all with our awards. 
76. Recommendations: Release recommendations regularly to stakeholders locally and globally from respective wings. 
77. Resilient & Relentless: We are the heart beat of the universe; let’s go on. The river always moves forward, rushing and gushing toward its destination,                  overcoming all obstacles en route with purity, power and purpose. Despite the highs and lows, the boulders and blocks, the twists and turns, nothing can          stop its flow. Our mighty river of change upheld by the perspiration, inspiration and aspiration of millions of women and led by purpose will surely reach            its goal. 
78. Resourcefulness: We are all wealthy in our resourcefulness; offer proactively whatever you can. Money follows Mindset. Pull in whatever                                        resources  you can with your leadership and encourage all to pool in their skills and strengths. 
79. Responsibility & Ownership: Bear no Grudge, Shift no Blame, Know your Truth, Change the Game. It’s our Chance. It’s our Choice. 
80. Safe Spaces: Make safe spaces to connect, communicate and collaborate without anger or acrimony.
81. Seat at the table : Seek a seat at the table. You lead us all. 
82. Self: Self-Control, Self-Correction, Self-Care, Self-Love, Self-Coaching, Self-Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Determination, Self-Growth. 
83. Selfless is Fearless: Why fear when our hearts are clear ! 
84. Self-Starters & Self-Sorters: Taking charge and choosing change through self-correction, self-control, self-care, self-coaching, self-confidence,              self-          belief, self-determination, self-orientation.
85. Show & Share: Share your inspiring vision and works to encourage, empower, engage, enlighten, energise.
86. Sisterhood, Solidarity & Shakti Bandhan: Sisterhood is coming together in oneness. Solidarity is staying together as one. Celebrate Shakti                                    Bandhan, She-for-She bonds. Those who protect sisterhood are protected by it. This is the main organising principle of the network.
87. Solutions Focus: Whatever we focus on grows; focus on solutions instead of problems.
88. Superpowers of the Self: We all have our unique powers – there’s only One You. Let’s use our divine gifts with self-confidence. 
89. Sustainability: Enable a consciousness of sustainability for future generations to meet their needs, and support local, planetary and                                              environmental ecosystems to thrive for greater harmony for all. Be the best ancestor you can be, taking mindful action for the benefit of                                      generations to come. 
90. Togetherness: Alone we strive, together we thrive. Alone we are stars, Together we are rockstars. 
91. Trust: We are thriving because we trust each other. Honor the trust. 
92. Vasudeva Kutumbaka, World as One Family: We uphold the seamless oneness of all : one planet, one family.
93. Vibe of the Tribe: Uphold the good vibe of the tribe that uplifts all.
94. Visibility: Advocate for more women to be etched visibly as icons, role models, guides and guardian angels for an inclusive future where the                                world remembers women as leaders and changemakers. 
95. Volunteer: Initiate whatever you can; kindred souls will join. Someone out there is looking for you. Show up. 
96. Walk the Talk: An ounce of example is better than a ton of precept. Principles are felt in our hearts, and seen in our actions. Embody the                                      Change. 
97. Wellbeing: Honor practices for one’s health and wellbeing. De-Stress. 
98. Women-Centric: Affirm the leadership of women wherever you are.
99. Yes & No: Everything begins with a Yes and ends with a No. Exercise the powers of Yes and No with confidence and clarity to live the life you                               wish  to lead. 
100.  Zero Tolerance: No room for misogyny, harassment or slander